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Ruite products center
    EPS Batch Pre-expander Machine
    1.This machine applies PLC and touch screen,automatic feeding,electronic weighing,temperature control,material level control to realize automatic production. 2.Electronic weighing system and material level control syste...
    EPS Continuous Pre-expander Machine
    1.Inside and outside of barrel are both made of stainless steel,and the middle layer is heat preserving material the production efficiency is 2-3 times higher than the average machine,it can reduce 25% energy consumption...
    EPS Block Moulding Machine with Air Cooling
    1.This machine applies PLC controller and touch screen control system to finish the autocycle process of opening-closing mould,feeding,heating,heat preservation,cooling,demoulding and releasing. 2.This machine is welded...
    EPS Block Moulding Machine with Vacuum
    1.This machine applies PLC controller and touch screen control system to finish the autocycle process of opening-Closing mould,feeding,heating,heat preservation,cooling,demoulding and releasing. 2.This machine is weld...
    EPS Block Moulding Machine with Adjustable Function
    1.This machine applies PLC controller and touch screen control system to finish the autocycle process of opening-closing mould,feeding,heating,heat preservation,cooling,demoulding and releasing. 2.This machine is welded...
    EPS Lost Foam Block Moulding Machine with Vacuum
    1.This machine applies PLC controller and touch screen control system to finish the autocycle process of opening-closing mould,feeding,heating,heat preservation,cooling,demoulding and releasing. 2.This machine is welded...
    EPS Shape Moulding Machine with Vacuum (Basic)
    1.This machine applies PLC and touch screen,advanced moulding technique and can produce various shapes of EPS products. 2.This machine can provide different kinds of foam articles with lower moisture content,high foamin...
    EPS Shape Moulding Machine with Vacuum (Energy Saving)
    1.Automatically controlled by PLC and touch screem with well set self-protection system; all electrical components with the machine are of international famous brand, achieving simple operation and efficient production. ...
    EPS cutting machine
    1.The main frame of this machine is welded from square profile steel with strong structure,high strength and no deformation. 2.This machine has horizontal,vertical and portrait cutting devices,it can realize 3-direction...

Fuyang Ruite plastic machinery four major advantagesProfessional EPS foam machinery manufacturers

1EPS foam plastic machinery manufacturers

The company is set research and development, manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service and integration The EPS foam machinery manufacturer.


The company is located in China's fastest-growing economic center of the Yangtze River Delta economic Hangzhou by --- Near Shanghai, Ningbo and other Chinese major ports; moreover close to 320 State Line Road, traffic navigation Transportation is very convenient.

2 The quality of corporate survival and development of the soul


The company is set research and development, manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service and integration The EPS foam machinery manufacturer.

The company is located in China's fastest-growing economic center of the Yangtze River Delta economic Hangzhou by-Near Shanghai, Ningbo and other Chinese major ports; moreover close to 320 State Line Road, traffic navigation Transportation is very convenient.

3 Reasonable design, simple operation, high degree of automation


The company produced a pre-made machines, sheet metal machines, molding
machines and cutting machines series produced ?? Products with reasonable
design, simple operation, high degree of automation, high production efficiency ?
? Notable features. ??


continue to introduce internationally advanced technology and ideas, to further
improve product stability and accuracy.

4 Quality win, the customer first


In order to further expand the domestic market and enhance the company's good after-sales service ??

In the "quality win, the customer first" purpose, wholeheartedly welcome all members SinoServices sea

inside and outside patrons, and sincerely seek win-win cooperation with you.

About RuiteAbout Ruite

About us

Hangzhou fuyang ruite plastic machinery Co.,Ltd.is one professional EPS machinery manufacturer, which involved R&D design, production, marketing and After-sales services.Our company locates in the center of Yangtze River delta-Hangzhou City,which is developing at the fastest speed and most developed ..

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