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EPS Batch Pre-expander Machine

Product Name:EPS Batch Pre-expander Machine

Product Details

1.This machine applies PLC and touch screen,automatic feeding,electronic weighing,temperature control,material level control to realize automatic production.
2.Electronic weighing system and material level control system assure the density of the foamed material,which make the bead uniform and keep the density tolerance within±2.8%.
3.High precise guiding pressure reducing valve controls the temperature and steam pressure of the closed barrel,ensure the outcome pressure of the valve constant and the inner temperature controled within±1%oC,which keeps the foamed material equal and prevents the bead agglomerate because ofthe bad temperature control.
4.Automatic material charging system improves efficiency and reduces labor intensity.
5.The closed type constant pressure foaming barrel has high heating efficiency,It can save more than 50% energy compared to the continuous pre-expander.
6.Hot air drying system to dry the foamed material inside the barrel without fluidized drying bed.
7.Automatic discharging from the pre-expander,it can auto filter,crushing the ball material and transport the foamed material automatically to aging silos.
8.Most of the main components arc of world-famous brands,with reliable performance,stable quality,long service life and low maintenance cost.
9.This machine applies automatic discharging systcm,the high pressure fan facility improves the spced of discharge.
10.The computer has memory function,which can record all information such as brands,specifications,expanding foam techniques and parameters of EPS material manufacturers,When customers want t0 use the materials that ever been used before just press the touch screen of computer to quickly go back to the original technique.
11.This machine is applicable in plateau oxygen depletion arca,the production efficiency of continuous pre-expander machine is quite low under such circumstance.


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