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EPS Shape Moulding Machine with Vacuum (Energy Saving)

Product Name:EPS Shape Moulding Machine with Vacuum (Energy Saving)

Product Details

1.Automatically controlled by PLC and touch screem with well set self-protection system; all electrical components with the machine are of international famous brand, achieving simple operation and efficient production.
2.Accurate pressure control is the essence to achieve energy-saving,  and our philosophy to design the machine is to be energy-saving and high efficiency. 
3.Multiply control mode to ensure stable pressure. 
4.Equipped with high precision-digital proportional valve and pressure sensor.
5.Excellent feeding system eliminates possible material feeding defects.
6.With stable pressure-protection function, perfect pulse feeding function, reliable pressurized feeding function and back-pressurized feeding function which is necessary for complex products molding process.
7.Variable displacement hydraulic system speeds up the molding and demolding actions with max speed of 250mm/sec, and quicken powerful mold-locking.
8.With precise temperature control function ensures stable production molding for accurate finished product box.
9.Imported quality spare parts makes up longer service life.
10.Quality systems combine for higher production efficiency as much as 20-30% on the average.
11.Advanced technique design can help save steam consumption by 30%, and electricity consumption by 30%-50%.
12.Strong machine frame and zinc-coated mold plates, the baffle and backboard are made of stainless steel plates, so as to overcome the problem of declined mold precision caused by gradual abrasion and rusting in production process.


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